Fantasy football problems? Don’t give up yet!

Joe Bittner, ‘Doah Staff Writer
September 17, 2014

After two weeks, your fantasy football team may not be looking as good as you planned. Do you give up already and start thinking about next year? Not quite yet. Do you plan a blockbuster trade with one of your best players to try and make up for a lackluster position in your lineup?

Maybe, depending on your situation and who is available in free agency to pickup. Biggest thing right now is to trust your team and wait for players to settle into their roles- then see what moves need to be done.

There are many dangers in fantasy football. Many big name players will underperform and make you question why you drafted them in the round you did. Players will get hurt and immediately send you into a scramble to find replacements. After looking at rosters and predictions, you will find that your sleepers can’t carry the load you anticipated they would. Who knows, you may encounter all of these at once. Do not panic yet.

Football season isn’t over yet so don’t give up on fantasy. Stick to your instincts as to why you did what you did and trust the game. Wide receivers rarely go untargeted, like running backs will rarely go without carries. Don’t trade away your second round draft pick so that you can add another flex player, hoping to close a gap between you and your opponents.

While fantasy football involves lots of strategy and planning, you cannot forget that there is an important aspect of luck involved that you have no control over.

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