Local cuisine sure to please your taste buds

Laurie Connelly, ‘Doah Staff Writer
September 17, 2014



Though Winchester is known to be a small town, there is more to explore than what meets the eye. Most of you are aware of Old Town Winchester and how they’re known for excellent restaurants. However, would you believe me if I said there were other excellent restaurants in Winchester that’s not on the walking mall? Take a chance, explore the other side of town and try something new.

You see an advertisement, and it says, “Try the Veil!” Keep that mentality but try the fried catfish instead at Bonnie Blues. This place has the best country-cooking food in the area. The menu has a choice of fried catfish, barbecue chicken, pulled pork and other items to appease your appetite with sides of your choice. Usually the sides consist of macaroni and cheese, potato salad, collard greens or beans. It’s worth the time and money, and you will leave happy and full. So make the trip to 334 W. Boscawen St. and enjoy!

As much as I love Bonnie Blues, sometimes it can be pricey. Luckily, there is another country-cooking place that is more like diner and is well within my price range. Papermill Place is excellent for a big breakfast that keeps you full all day long. This is especially helpful after a long night. Papermill Place is across from Buffalo Wild Wings, but for those of you who are not aware of where that is, it’s 2214 Papermill Road.

If you are not in the mood for country cooking, then why not try something simpler like Italian.  For instance, there is a local Italian restaurant run by a family in Winchester. Castiglia’s Italian Eatery is simple and delicious.

Most of the time, they will have a pizza deal where you can get a personal pizza with a side salad and a drink for about $8.99.  Personally, that’s always my go-to when I eat out. For those of you who are gluten-free, usually Italian isn’t the best option, but there is a gluten-free menu upon request. Castiglia’s has been around Winchester for as long as I can remember, but they have changed locations. If you want to make the trip, they are located at 212 Grocery Ave, so enjoy a sit down Italian meal with mom and dad when they come for a visit.

When mom and dad come for a visit and they are feeling very generous for your free meal, you should have them take you to Okinawa, located near Walmart off Pleasant Valley Ave., 571 Adams Drive for more specific details.  They have an excellent menu with numerous Japanese specialties. On Thursday nights, they even have 50% off of sushi when purchasing a beverage of your choice.

Now that you have some options for upcoming meals, make your way out and about Winchester and enjoy new places to eat. After eating at each place, I know my stomach is very happy with my choices, so don’t miss out!

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