Field hockey gains momentum

Ross Castaldo, ‘Doah Contributing Writer
October 1, 2014

'Doah photo courtesy of suhornets.com

‘Doah photo courtesy of suhornets.com

The Hornet field hockey team’s season is underway. So far this fall, the team has played nine matches compiling a record of five wins and four losses. I spoke to senior team captain, Sarah Wohld, about the season ahead and her time at S.U. “Our overall goal is to win the ODAC of course. Personally and as a team we want to get better together and be the best versions of ourselves on and off the field.” The team has been growing throughout the year.  “Without a doubt! We recently played Mary Washington, and I have never seen such an amazing fight from my team. We held them until the very end, and while the loss was heartbreaking, it gave us the confidence we needed in our abilities and in each other.”

Sports provide a second home for athletes, Sarah included. “Field hockey is personally my outlet. I’ve been playing since sixth grade and could not imagine my life without it. Being a nursing student makes it a little more challenging schedule and time wise, but it is definitely worth it. I get to hang out with my best friends for at least two hours a day, be outside and just play the sport I love.” As important the game is, a supportive coaching staff can be even more beneficial. Sarah talks about this and speaks highly of her coaches. “We seriously have the best coaches on campus. They are such wonderful role models for all of us. When we are having an awesome day, they celebrate with us, and when we are having a terrible day, they always find a way to turn it around. That goes for both on and off the field.”

I asked about her playing style, but I was more interested in what she thinks makes her a good captain and why she chose field hockey. “I bring leadership and guidance to the team since I am one of the co-captains. Some of the girls on the team even call me ‘mom’ sometimes. I started playing field hockey when I was in sixth grade. My best friend, who was  a year older than me, played and told me how much she loved it, so I decided to join the team once I got to middle school. She couldn’t have been more right!”

Being Sarah’s last season, I asked if she had any advice for the younger members of the team. “Love every minute you are out on the field. My time out there is slowly dwindling down and I’m not excited for it to officially come to an end. Also, your team is your family and they always will be!”

What’s next for Sarah after the season and after graduation? “After the season I am still going to be as involved with the team as I can! I love them, and they are my family away from home; so I am going to miss them so much when I graduate! After graduation I plan on working in a hospital, probably somewhere back home but you never know, and eventually figuring out what kind of nursing I like. Right now I am really interested in intensive care and trauma/flight nursing so the Air Force is also an option. Once I specialize I want to go on and get my DNP in that area.” Those are big goals for a lady who is such a big part of the team. Come out and support Sarah and her fellow lady Hornets this fall!

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