Local band gives advice to hopeful musicians

Matthew Burke and John Hayes, ‘Doah Contributing Writers
October 22, 2014



Winchester local Bobby Crim talked about his band Threesound and their experiences venturing out to play on stages across the East Coast. Falling into the mix up of the genres of rock, pop and funk, Threesound has played in shows spanning from New York to South Carolina and was formed when Bobby met the rest of the members in a high school jazz band. The origin behind the band’s name was that it started out as a trio. Since then, they have become a regionally touring band in the six years they have been playing music together. The band consists of four members, with two guitars players, a bass player and Crim as the drummer and singer.

Starting out and trying to make a name as a musician is a long and tedious process, taking years of persistence. Not only do you have to put a lot of time into the music, but you also have to learn the business end too. Crim, the percussionist and vocalist for Threesound, had some advice to give for new musicians who are starting out. He emphasized, “Stay dedicated and don’t get disheartened when you are told no. For every ten no’s, you get one yes, so it is a big trial and error game.”

Crim also said that he has taken on some managerial things such as email inquiries, keeping up with social media and booking shows. He described the business side as being pretty daunting at first. “The first days are the hardest days and once you get past them, you kind of learn from your mistakes and move on and keep with it.”

The band practices three to four times during the week at Bobby’s parents’ house, which is a big help as he explains, “Without their support we wouldn’t be where we are today.” We were able to speak to Bobby’s mother Donna Crim who went on to add that “over time, the band has gotten better and better, so the practices in the house that used to be a bunch of noise are now a joy to listen too.”

Threesound also has played for charities to support causes they believe in. They recently played for charity where all donations went to associations in which helped set up programs to help the homeless find needed shelter and the resources. The band also played a “Rock to Stop Heroine” at a recovery center to support the effort to deal with the heroin problem in our area.

Now the band is focusing on Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina and Pennsylvania and will be expanding out to other states later. Their next gig will be in Winchester at “Blue Fox Bar and Billiards” on Nov. 7 and in Washington D.C. at “Gypsy Sally’s” on Nov. 21. Find out more about Threesound on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Soundcloud. There you can check out the tour schedule, keep up to date on the band and listen to their music.

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