Sam Smith exceeds expectations

Tessa Climer, ‘Doah Staff Writer
October 1, 2014



Sam Smith– ==-the name alone gives me chills after my live concert experience. If you haven’t heard of him, then you either never turn on your radio, or you’re just missing out on one of the best voices of our time.  He recently debuted his first full album, “In The Lonely Hour,” at number two on the Billboard charts.

As someone who loves concerts more than just about anything, I was extremely excited to attend this one in particular. Sam Smith took on the Echostage, Sept. 16 in D.C. It was a fairly small venue, but in comparison to his previous concerts, it was a huge accomplishment for him to have sold out this show.

His set up for performing was minimal and really made you focus on what was important: his talent. He had his band set up on risers behind him with multicolored lights to jazz it up. He stood in middle of the stage with only his microphone and perfectly tailored suit.

As soon as he started singing, the room fell quiet other than the voices singing along. Most of the album is about heartbreak, so of course, he tried to thrown in some of the more upbeat songs such as “Money On My Mind” and “La La La” (featuring Naughty Boy) to make it fun. He also did a few cover songs as well including Whitney Houston’s “How Will I know” which was almost as good as the original. His sound is smooth as honey, not to mention he has a killer range that not many men have.

Throughout the show, he would ask the crowd how they were feeling or if they were enjoying the concert so far. Everyone roared with positive energy and even if you were in the very back, you could see the smile on Smith’s face. His true love for his music and his career really shined as the night progressed.  You’ve seen the interviews where celebrities talk about other musicians and their talents; well look up a few about Sam Smith. People’s faces light up almost just as much as his when they talk about his love for music (not to mention his talent).

Before one of his final songs, he gave a little speech about true love that made almost the whole audiences heart melt. The song “Make It To Me” (one of my personal favorites) was written after he let out his sadness with songs like “I’m Not The Only One” and “Not in That Way.” It tells the story about how he knows his love will come to him one day, and he let all of us teary eyed fans know our love is on the way too. Everyone sang together with their cellphones and lighters in the air.

As you can probably already tell, my night was unforgettable. If you get the chance to see him live, don’t pass it up. His U.S. tour is almost completely sold out, and I’m sure as his popularity grows, it’s going to be harder and harder to get a seat. Watch out music world, we’ve got some major British talent coming your way.

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