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Winchester haunted houses perfect for a scare

Laurie Connelly, ‘Doah Staff Writer
October 22, 2014



October is soon coming to an end, and that can only mean one thing: Halloween. It’s that time of the year when everybody is figuring who or what they want to be for one night. Most girls usually find something to wear that will only cover half of their body, and most guys will find any excuse to walk around shirtless and call it a costume. Before we jump into costumes, why not get into a better idea of the Halloween spirit.

A great way to get into the spirit of Halloween is to go visit a haunted house. Hill High Farm, at 933 Barley Lane, Winchester, Virginia, is open for business. You can do multiple activities in the area while they are open on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.  They have a variety of activities from a haunted house, a moonlight hayride and even an inflatable haunt for the little ghosts running around, known as children.  The fun starts at 1 p.m. and continues into the night; don’t miss out on the fun at Hill High.

If Hill High is too far away for your gas mileage, then stay local and head to 537 N. Cameron Street for an eventful time. Devils Den is a more local haunted house for all to enjoy.  Make it a weekend event from Friday, Saturday, or Sunday from now until November 1 and get a good scare. There is a price, a $15 price of admission per person. Make sure you bring cash because they do not accept credit or debit cards. However, there’s always a chance to win free tickets and discounts when you walk in or follow them on Twitter.

There are some of us who are not the biggest fans of haunted houses, so why not go to a more secure environment and watch a horror film instead. On Oct. 24, The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is doing a special premiere of the ultimate classic, Halloween. At midnight, you will relive Michael Myers seeking revenge on the town in killing his family.  There is a student price, so make sure to bring your S.U. ID to get that discount. If you want to see a different scary movie, Annabelle is still out and playing if you would prefer to see a movie with up-to-date graphics and acting.

For those of us, like myself, who do not like scary movies or haunted houses, go head downtown on Halloween wearing your costume to have more of a social experience. For those of you who are legal to drink, all the bars will have Halloween parties with costumes, booze and fun. Make sure to wear something that will guarantee you to stand out. Remember to stick to a buddy system; it is always best to travel in groups.

  Don’t feel like you need to stay in, party hard, get scared or anything else people say you need to do to make your Halloween extra magical.  Trick or treat yourself to a special Halloween, and remember the Sanderson Sisters will not come after you if you have a different idea of fun. Now go out and enjoy, but be safe!

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