Bailey’s news bytes

Bailey Rankin ‘Doah Staff Writer
January 21, 2015

NASA solved an 11-year-old mystery on Friday when the UK Beagle 2 Mars lander was found using a high-resolution imaging system. When the lander was sent to detect if there was life on Mars it never radioed back home on Christmas of 2003. Michael Croon of Trier from Germany was the first who spotted it in the NASA images. The images show the lander just resting on the surface with half deployed panels and parachutes nearby. CNN News reports that had the landing gone as planned the lander would have been collecting rocks and soil to check for signs of life. It was the first European craft sent to the Martian surface.


In Hong Kong a Chinese man has been reunited with his family after 24 years. He was abducted as a toddler from a vegetable market. He was taken from the market in 1991 when he was just four years old. Child traffickers then sold him to a family thousands of miles away. This past Tuesday he was reacquainted with his 60-year-old father and a younger sister he had never met. Child Trafficking is still a major business in China as the growth of healthy babies rises and the demands of adoption raise. CNN News says that the boy left a DNA sample with local police in 2014 and he recently got a call saying they had found a match. He has not yet decided if he will leave his adoptive family or stay with where he was raised.


On Sunday the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks fought for the spot to go to the Super Bowl XLIX. After being down 16-0 at the half, Seattle was not looking so good to going to the Super Bowl back-to-back years. However, after a hard fought second half they managed to get the lead at 22-19. Green Bay needed one lone field goal to tie up the game and send it into over time, which they did. Seahawks gained first possession on the coin toss and ran down for a final touchdown winning them the game 28-22. Aaron Rodgers is still in denial about the game saying, “We were the better team today.” Yahoo news covers the press release and interview with Rodgers and he says, “We weren’t playing as aggressively as we usually were.” That is his explanation for why they did not come out on top at the end of the game.

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