Changing Your Major is Okay


Why did you come to school here? Why Shenandoah University? What are you going to do here?

These answers will differ from person to person: athletics, nursing, physical therapy, conservatory, etc. You have an idea of what you want to accomplish while at school and will work hard to achieve it. While not everyone has the same answers, everyone shares one thing: a plan.

Having a plan for your college education is great. I’m sure you heard from all of your family members how wonderful it is that you know what you’re going to do with your life already and how they are so happy for you. They are impressed that you found a school with a program you like and fits your plan. You should feel good about yourself, but I suggest that you think carefully about this “plan.”

Your plan should be one that you enjoy executing, meaning you enjoy the classes you take which in turn leads to good grades. If you’re a Kinesiology major for example and are struggling with classes such as Biology and Chemistry, maybe you should really think if Kinesiology is your forte and a profession you want to go into.

Now I’m not saying the first timeyougetaConatestthatyourun away or drop out of college. If you are consistently getting low grades, not grasping material or finding no inter- est in the subject, maybe you should talk to your advisor or even, dare I say it, your parents. Everyone at S.U. will help you in any way they can.

Experience a wide variety of class types at S.U. and find what you are good at, because excelling at something is more fun than struggling to follow a plan. If you find a different area that you excel in, add a minor or even switch your major. There is no shame or guilt in switching majors.

Everyone knows someone that switched majors in college, if they weren’t that person already. College is about finding yourself and your future. Why jeopardize the rest of your life by not having fun in college and missing an opportunity to find your niche?

Switching your major doesn’t mean you failed- it means you found something better for you as a person. It may not be the same plan you told your parents and family about, but as long as you are happy they will be too. When you walk across that platform on graduation, do you want to be thinking about the long nights of cramming and stressing because you weren’t happy? Do you want to remember the fun you had in the classes you loved and all the great grades you enjoyed getting? Don’t let a predetermined plan ruin your college experience, when there is a department out there that is right for you.

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