Around Winchester

Enjoying the Winchester Nightlife


As you might have noticed, Winchester is not the biggest college town in comparison to most schools. However, there are still plenty of things to do in the area.

One thing I recommend is being aware of Old Town Winchester. Most of Shenandoah University’s community would identify it as downtown, but it’s the same thing.

There are several restaurants and shops to catch everyone’s eyes. During the day, it’s a great place to go to and enjoy some time for yourself. However, the nightlife is fun for all ages.

Though most of you would think downtown is a place for just bars and people who are 21, you are wrong.

One thing that is being advertised on Old Town has been the live music. There are so many bands and artists around the walking mall filling your ears with music.

If you play any instruments, such as violin or acoustic guitar, it’s not a terrible idea to head on down to the walking mall to share your talents. Also, you might be able to get some quick coins for laundry money.

I am not here to harass you or tell you to harass people for money. I’m trying to give you options for music.

Playing an instrument may not be your best feature, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying some music.

The Bright Box Theater, located on 15 N. Loudoun St, is a great place to go to and listen to some excellent music. Every weekend is a new artist, band, comedian or special event!

For instance, there is an upcoming show Comedy feature, Bengt Washburn and Rob Maher at 10 p.m. There will be a lot of laughs people there so make sure you get your tickets quick and enjoy a night on the town. Doors open at 9:30 p.m. so make sure to get there early for seating. Don’t worry, you do not have to be 21 to come and enjoy the show.

Music isn’t the only thing to keep you entertained on a night out, there is also the movie theatres, the bowling alley, billiards club and much more.

For some big screen action, check out The Alamo Draft House (off route 11) and Apple Blossom 12 (Apple Blossom Mall). Both theatres have a student discount with S.U. ID. Make sure you bring it with you!

Northside Lanes, 6 Richards Ave., keeps you rolling and helps you have some fun. Unless it’s the seven- ten split, then it’s just a challenge for you. Shoes and games are based off your lane so go get your strike on, or even get two or three.

Billiards is actually pretty fun and fairly close to you. 1160 Millwood Pike is where you can go bet against solids and stripes and meet some new people. Reminder, if you do not have a car on campus do not worry. Grab a group of friends and go have a ball. There will be music and food as well!

There is so much to do around Winchester area, so don’t stay in your dorm all day and night. Go explore, that’s what college is all about.

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