How to decide on the right major?



College can be overwhelming. You arrive, and there are tons of new people with new stressors and many decisions to make, especially your major. You’re undecided and decide that you want to experience lots of different departments. Your major must be appealing and something you may want to do with your life. Each department has introductory classes that give you a basic under- standing of what the major will entail. While many majors are self-explanatory (Nursing, Conservatory, Physical Therapy, etc.), there are ones that are not so specific that may be right for you.

The Business School has many different options to look into: Business Administration, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Health Care Management, Economics and Sports Management to name some. With their own building, the Harry F. Byrd, Jr. School of Business has many areas for you to explore.

The Kinesiology major is broad and offers lots of areas to look into, such as Exercise Science and the Health and Physical Education Program. The major focuses on how the body functions and what you can do to help teach other people about improving their overall physical health and well-being. You can also get a coaching certificate, so you can further your coaching career in your favorite sport.

The Mass Communications department focuses on teaching you marketable skills and making companies and organizations want to hire you. Public speaking, video production, television reporting, newspaper experience, public relations and media development are just a few of the opportunities the department offers.

The biggest part of choosing a major is to make sure you choose it based on your own terms. You want to find a major that makes you happy, not anyone else.

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