How to Save Money throughout the Year


College brings excitement, trepi- dation and empty bank accounts. Most people know sending a child off for higher education after high school may acquire debt, either for the par- ent or the student. Along with tuition, Shenandoah students pay for room and board, meal plans, textbooks, a technology fee and other on-the-side expenses. Many find other means to pay, through scholarships, grants or loans, because of the high expense. Even with the total cost of attending S.U. covered, people still worry. The price of obtaining an education does not need to go up after the initial fees are paid. At Shenandoah University, students can find many cost efficient ways to survive and thrive through the rest of the year.

Textbooks may come with the highest price apart from tuition. While most would rather skip buy- ing them all together, class-assigned books are essential to succeeding during all four years. College professors, especially at S.U., take advantage of these books by assigning readings or homework outside of class; they go at a faster pace than what high school students would be used to. While the campus bookstore may be a good resource for both buying and renting, off-campus stores or online websites offer sales. In order to find the best deal, writing the prices down from three different sources and comparing proves to be useful for some people. Some online resources include Half. com and Chegg. Making friends with upperclassmen or fellow peers can help as well. Sometimes others may take a class beforehand; they may have a book to borrow for the semester.

Other than textbooks, many students take over the costs of their own insurance bills. Books and tuition, while expensive, only hap- pen once a semester. The cost of car insurance tends to take more money than other bills aside from rent on an apartment. Many companies give discounts for students everywhere. Geico offers cuts on monthly or recur- ring payments for those students who make it onto the Dean’s List or join a fraternity or club. Phone providers can make deductions to those with an .edu address; Amazon promotes a free prime membership for an allotted time period for the same reason.

Small costs throughout the year can add up as well. Freshmen are allowed cars, unlike most campuses

Using them daily increases how much gas money is spent. Instead of driving everywhere, walking or riding a bike is the most cost effective. This also promotes sustainability by decreas- ing the amount of pollution, even by a small amount. Splitting the cost of gas also works in both strengthening new relationships and saving money. If a break is needed, the game room provides a perfect reprieve with Ping- Pong and pool tables as well as two televisions. The main campus has many events and recitals that provide free entertainment with those who hold student IDs. Taking advantage of campus resources will prevent more spending.

In this culture, there will never be a day when people can live without having to spend money. According to the business model of supply and de- mand, costs will always rise for those products that are needed by everyone. Prices indeed have gone higher in this day and age, especially for college- related things. In college, everyone learns the difficulties of earning money, but they also must learn the simplicities in saving as well.

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