Letter from the Editor

Hello students and staff,

Welcome back to SU– only three more months until summer break and graduation! As you may have noticed The ‘Doah looks a little different.

As of this issue, we are undergoing a big revamp throughout the paper with the goal of completion being spring break. That being said, please excuse the mess as we figure out what works best for the new, modern and streamlined ‘Doah.

As our readers and our audience, we want and value your opinions both on our normal content as well as our redesign. So please email us at thedoah@su.edu with your questions and comments.

However please remember that The ‘Doah is staffed  by a small number of dedicated and determined individuals who are not only helping create this biweekly paper but also going to class and doing a multitude of other things. We are all human and make mistakes.

Again we would love to hear your thoughts and opinions.

Shelby DeHaven


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