Take Advantage of Study Abroad


Shenandoah offers many differ- ent opportunities to study and learn abroad. There’s everything from a weeklong spring break trip to as long as a year studying in foreign country. Whatever your passion may be, S.U. can help you fulfill it. There are three different types of travel opportuni- ties that SU offers to students.

One is the Global Citizenship Project (GCP) that runs during the week of spring break. It’s a free, all expenses paid trip to one of five destinations. All you have to do is apply and write a one-page essay. It’s that simple. The only thing is that you don’t find out where you’re going until you’ve been selected. They’ve taken GCP trips around the world and really try to vary the places every year. They never go to the same place twice. You study and learn the host country’s culture and explore the beautiful landscapes and terrain. The groups are very limited and intimate, so be prepared to be- come best friends with everyone on your trip.

The second option is going on a Global Experiential Learning (GEL) trip.

These trips offer you credits to foreign languages or others toward your major or minor depending on where you go and what you do. If it doesn’t fall into your major or minor, it could even be an elective. This coming year there is a GEL trip to Belize for exercise science majors and public health majors. There are trips to Brazil for sports management credits and a trip for musical theatre to London, UK. You have to pay for the trips but this includes airfare and credit towards graduation. The trips can be over any type of long period break (i.e. winter, spring, summer) and can be approximately two weeks long.

The are also exchange programs through ISEP (International Student Exchange Program). These can be se- mester long or year long excursions. You choose where you want to go and apply just like you would to colleges here in the US. Students take courses abroad that they would take at S.U. in order to graduate on time. It’s just like being at S.U., but you get to study it in a brand new culture. You can go completely solo or have a friend apply to go to the same place. However, it’s not guaranteed.

Look out each month for a Global Newsletter sent out by Jean Hayes; it will have all of the informa- tion on upcoming trips and chances to fuel that passion or urge you have to travel.

If you have any questions on how you can study abroad, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Jean Hayes, the Study Abroad Advisor, at jhayes@su.edu. If you just have some questions for students who have taken advantage of the study abroad oppor- tunities, feel free to email myself at brankin11@su.edu. Happy Traveling!

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