Fall is about more than pumpkin spice lattes


It’s that time of the year when pumpkin is a popular flavor on the palate, and crunchy leaves are an appealing item for everyone. Fall is an all-time favorite season with so many activities happening. From football games to evening cookouts, there is a certain satisfaction with everyone during this time of the year. For me, it’s getting out and enjoying the beautiful weather. That being said, I want to take every opportunity to get out and see what is out there to explore in the Win- chester area.

One of my favorite fall events is about to happen in Old Town Winchester. Most of you are aware of the festival called Oktoberfest, right? This is the special time when you drink beer for a 16-day celebration. However, there is an annual celebration called Octobeer Fest shortened into two days to make sure you are not missing in on the action.



Last year there were over 2,000 participants according
to the committee for Octobeer Fest so head on down to Loudoun St. on Oct. 17 and 18 to grab a cold one and celebrate. They will have a vari- ety of beers and maybe some pumpkin flavored ones, I hope. Reminder, this event is for everyone; however, you must have a valid ID to show you are of age to drink legally.

Don’t worry; there are other fun fall festivities for you if Octo- beer Fest isn’t your idea of a good time. For instance, I love apples and spending a good bit of time outside. So for that, I would head over to Marker-Miller Orchards and pick my own variety of apples.

Get a group of friends and plan a trip to get some fresh fruit
for yourself. As a heads up, this is also a great time to get dressed in your favorite fall attire and take pictures for Instagram. They also have pumpkins, so make sure to find your “great pumpkin.” While you’re there, make sure to check out their bakery.

Fresh treats are there for your arrival and ready for you to take some home as a souvenir, or eat the four doughnuts you bought yourself and call it a day.

After sufficing my sweet tooth, I always feel a need for some type of physical activity. During the fall season, I love to head to the batting cages off of Route 11. Appleland
is a great go to for everyone. They have batting cages, go carts, driving ranges and cheap concession stand food. When I go, I like to take some friends, have a relaxing afternoon and let out some stress with the batting cages. So plan a trip and go have a ball; see what I did there?

There are plenty of oppor- tunities in the Winchester area to enjoy the lovely fall weather. Even if it just running through a pile of leaves, that is still a great opportu- nity to make an impact of celebrat- ing the season. Now go out and enjoy, this perfect weather don’t miss out.


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