San Cisco brings up the Indie from down under

Curt Lockhart, ‘Doah Staff Writer
December 5, 2012

Home of the wallaby and Nemo’s dentist, Australia is also the home of up and coming indie band San Cisco. The band hails from Fremantle, Western Australia with a certain spunk and lust for life. They are a four-piece indie pop band that has been around since 2009, yet are just now starting to get some worldwide attention.

Their sound is very upbeat, the kind that can’t help but make you smile, and is crucial to any summer playlist. They have a similar sound as that of the Cape Cod band Vampire Weekend, being lyrically skillful while the music is gloomy and challenging.

The band consists of Jordi Davieson (guitar, lead vocals), Josh Biondillo (guitar, vocals), Nick Garner (bass), and Scarlett Stevens (drums, vocals).

There are currently working under Fat Possum Records; therefore sharing a label with bands like Lissie, Youth Lagoon, MellowHype, and Akro.

The band originally met in high school. Drummer Scarlett Steven’s father was the manager of Australian band John Butler Trio, giving the group their first leg into the music scene.

Previously, the band was known as King George, but has since been changed to San Cisco. If you’re anything like me, your first thought when you heard the name of the band was of San Francisco. They however thought differently. According to the band there is no link between the city San Francisco and their name. Their explanation for the name is that it is nothing — it is a blank canvas, which they can sculpt into whatever the choose.

In late 2010, the group’s first E.P. was released. Consisting of four songs, it is available for $3.96 on iTunes. Their first self-titled, studio album was released on Nov. 23, 2012, in Australia. Though it has not yet been released in the U.S., you can check out some of their songs by viewing their videos on YouTube.

I highly recommend “Awkward,” which is the single off of their E.P., and “Rocket Ship,” a beautifully catchy song that will have you singing along by the time it’s finished.

They will begin their first American tour this spring, alongside the Vaccines.

On Feb. 1, they will be playing at the 9:30 Club for $25. So, check out their YouTube videos, and be on the lookout for the release of their album, because I believe they will be the next big breakthrough group.

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