The Perfect Apps for College Classes


After you download all of your games and apps on to your shiny new Apple products, it is time to use your iPad for its in- tended purpose– school. Here are four school related apps to help you use your new toy to its fullest potential.


Since it is already installed on your computer, you might as well use it. Ever- note automatically syncs all of the data in your account to all of your devices as well as the internet. All you do is go into the program, type a note, add a photo, video or voice memo, and let Evernote do the rest. You can now type up your notes on your computer in class and then pull them up on your iPad to review while sunbathing in the quad.


Yes, the dreaded Blackboard. This app is great to check and see what professors post before or after class. You will also be able to check your grades on the go. When your teacher posts a reading five minutes before class starts, your phone will light up with push notifications you have set beforehand.

Flashcard Hero

Give the index cards a break. No one has time to write all one hundred of them anyway to just throw away as soon as the final is over. Flashcard Hero is perfect for paperless flashcards. When you download this app on your computer, your iPad or iPhone, you will be able to upload on one device and use on another. You can also separate the cards based on the chapter, subject or test.


EasyBib is the easiest bibliog- raphy generator I have found yet. You can either take a picture of the book’s barcode or type in the title, and the app does all the work for you. Easy as that. EasyBib will generate citations in APA, MLA and Chicago depending on your need. Once you have all of them done, you can email all of the citations from the app to yourself.

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