Alternative bands takes stage with catchy songs

Danielle Seaboy, ‘Doah Contributing Writer
February 4, 2015

Do you like bands such Fall Out Boy, All Time Low or Forever The Sickest Kids? If so, then you will love this alternative rock/pop rock band from Tampa, Florida: Set It Off! Set It Off consists of guitarists Dan and Zach, bass guitarist Austin, drummer Maxx and lead singer Cody.

Their recent album, “Duality,” came out in October 2014. Each song off of this album has its own story. According to the band’s website, Set It Off has “expanded upon their signature cinematic sound, creating their most memorable and cohesive work to date” with “Duality.” The album starts off with a song called “The Haunting,” and right away you hear a soft and slow melody that consists of a toy piano and a violin. Drums and heavy guitars suddenly mix into the song once the chorus hits, and the beat picks up its pace. The dynamics between a soft, slow melody and a fast one can be heard throughout the album. Set It Off has a nice mixture of guitars, drums and synths that can be heard in their song, “Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing,” especially towards the end. “Tomorrow” is one song that is continuously one melody pace despite its use of guitars. I, personally, also love the singer’s voice in this song because it sounds innocent. The “Forever Stuck In Our Youth” is a pop influenced song that talks about being young and not having any regrets about life. My favorite song off of “Duality’” is “Why Worry” because it’s different. It has a very upbeat and fun sound to it, and it talks about how people shouldn’t stress or worry about anything.

The “Duality” album has two sides: A dark side and light, happy side. I say this because a verse could be completely dark, but then the chorus is bright, happy and uplifting. In other words, this album is light and dark or ying and yang. This makes the title of the album an excellent choice since the band talks about topics such as love, being young, hope, being stress free and showing the good and bad sides to it all.

If you are into pop rock and alternative rock, I suggest you go check out Set It Off’s latest album. You even see them perform this spring on The Glamour Kills Spring Break 2015 Tour alongside Against The Current, As It Is and Roam.

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