Bailey’s News Bytes

Bailey Rankin, ‘Doah Staff Writer
February 4, 2015

Two Renaissance sculptures of a nude man riding a panther were found and are presum- ably thought to be the late work of Michelangelo. The museum in Cambridge, England says that the bronze sculptures date as far back as the 1500s. The sculptures are thought to be done after the artist’s David but before the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel. If it is true to be Michelangelo’s work they are the only surviving bronzes in the world from him. CNN News says that the work is currently accredited to a Dutch artist and that “the museum is confident of the works origin” but, research is ongoing.

In Hong Kong Paleontologists have now discovered a 50-foot ‘dragon’ dinosaur that may have roamed the earth almost 160 million years ago during the later part of the Jurassic period. Farm- ers who were digging for a fishpond in Qijiang city found the skeleton in 2006. The people of Qijiang named it Qijianglong, meaning “dragon of Qijiang”, because it resembled a mythical Chinese dragon. CNN News reports that only the head, vertebrae, and tail were the remains found so the locals began to believe that it was a dragon. There are no other long neck dinosaurs remains found in China.

A former Nazi death camp guard is set to go to trial in April charged with at least 300,000 counts of accessory to murder. Oskar Groening was known as the ‘bookkeeper of Auschwitz’ because he was responsible for counting banknotes that were confiscated by prisoners. The man is 93-years-old and is facing chargers over the 425,000 people that were sent to Auschwitz in Poland between May and July 1944. Nearly 1.1 million people were murdered there. He will be tried in Germany as 55 survivors and victims will be plaintiffs on the case against him. BBC News says that he does not deny knowing about the mass murders and admits to seeing the gas chambers and crematoria.

An ex-power ranger actor, Ricardo Medina has been arrested after his flatmate was fatally stabbed with a sword. The L.A. police believe that him and his flatmate, Joshua Sutter were involved in an argument at their home. Medina left the argument and joined his girlfriend in another room, closing the door behind them. Sutter later forced his way into the room and was stabbed in the stomach with a sword that was kept by the door. BBC News reports after emergency services were called the 36-year-old was arrested for suspected murder. Sutter was pronounced dead at the hospital. Medina played the red ranger in the late 2002 Wild Force episodes. He is due in court on Tuesday and the current bail is set at $1 million.

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