‘Big Hero 6’ movie amazes fans


As I was standing in front of the Alamo, none of the movies titles were really calling out to me except one: Big Hero 6. It may have been my inner seven year old, but I genu- inely knew nothing about the movie. Advertisements and previews for this movie were almost impossible to find, so the mystery helped make the decision.

I was expecting the typical Disney movie with some silly puns and a basic plot line but was pleas- antly surprised with an action-packed movie that had more adult humor than it did children’s.

It all starts out with two broth- ers, Hiro and Tadashi. They are both incredibly smart and build robots in this futuristic city, San Fransokyo. It has many characteristics that resemble San Francisco and Tokyo combined, hence the combined name. The camera takes you through the city before zooming in on what they call “bot fighting.” Hiro, the 13-year-old genius, plays against one of the older bot fighters (completely tricking him into thinking he had no clue what he was doing), soon to get locked up with his older brother for participating in the battle and win- ning a stack of money.

The story really starts going

when Hiro decides he wants to attend the same school as his older brother. He creates a tiny microrobot that is controlled by your mind with a spe- cial headset. Of course, he gets into the school, and his brother couldn’t be happier for him. The animated char- acters really matched up well with their voice actors; it seemed like they really took the time to create each of the characters personalities.

Tragedy strikes after Hiro loses her brother, Tadashi, in a fire at the school. The only connection that Hiro still has to Tadashi is a robot named Baymax. Baymax was created by Tadashi to help injured people. As a healthcare professional, Baymax wasn’t programmed to understand normal expressions and conversations which makes for some very funny scenes throughout the movie. As Hiro struggles to explain the world to Baymax, one of the professors from the school has stolen Hiro’s microbots and has started destroying the city.

This gives Hiro and Baymax a perfect chance to use their new friend- ship and help save the city as well as catch the bad guy. Plus, they had the help of Tadashi’s close friends. After creating special super hero gear, they all were prepared to kick some super villain butt. They all worked together with some ups and downs, creating an amazing team called Big Hero 6.

With hardly any promoting or this movie, it was number one in the box office for three weeks until “Dumb and Dumber To” was released. It shocked everyone with its total of $111.7 million dollars so far. If you like fun hearted, meaningful and genuinely funny movies than I’d say this is the perfect Disney movie for you. Originating from a marvel comic with a bit of screenplay blended in, this movie gets an A from me. It’ll definitely get your mind off of finals coming up and the craziness holidays always seem to bring. Oh! Don’t forget the popcorn!

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