Around Winchester

Everyday needs in Winchester


Around this time of year, everybody on Shenandoah Uni- versity’s campus has gotten used to the area of Winchester. You know where to go, what to get where and where to get it for a reasonable price. However, there are some people around campus that still don’t know where to get that cheap haircut, where to make your wardrobe dry cleaned and somewhere that can take care of your car if there are ever problems on campus. That’s what I am here for, to make sure you are aware of the area a little more and to guide you on getting your necessities that you need for everything fitting to your lifestyle.

Ladies, we all know that there is that special place we only trust to get our nails and hair done in our hometowns. For the perfect manicure and pedicure, I make my way over to U. S. Nails off of Route 7. They always give a warm welcome as soon as you walk in the door, they take walk-ins, and they are the place where I can get the proper gel manicure for 30 dollars. That is my price range if you ask me. If you do not appreciate the gel manicure, you can get a regular one that week until payday for about 15 dollars.

Aside from nails, we cannot forget to find where we get the proper haircut fitting to our faces. For people with special needs for their hair, such as coloring, curly hair, and donating for long hair, Ed’s Heads, in Stephens City off of Main Street, is the best place for it. I have curly hair so for me it helps to know my hair isn’t going to be all over the place when I have to get dead ends cut off. It’s going to be more of a drive for most of you, but it is totally worth it.

Now for gentlemen, there is always a place for you to get a quick trim before going out on the town. Jill’s Barber Shop, off Valley Avenue and behind Dairy Queen, can trim your hair for less than 10 dollars. Its very convenient and they take walk-ins. They also do extensions and highlights for the gentlemen who also require special needs for their hair.

Everybody has a car problem at least once or twice in college; if you have a car like mine then you have way more than once or twice. A place that is convenient for the S.U. Community is Jiffy Lube, off of Pleasant Valley, right across from Sheetz. They give discounts for those with a valid ID and have a reasonable price range if you need to get your car inspected before making your trip back home for Thanksgiving break.

Now that you have a better idea of what else there is around Winchester besides Sheetz and Chipotle that can help a college kid’s needs, you are ready to make your way around town to satisfy all your necessities. From car problems to beauty needs, you are now ready to go.

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