‘Doah Spotlight

Mary Katherine Francisco, ‘Doah Staff Writer
March 4, 2015

Karen Hattenback

Q: When did you begin working at Shenandoah University?

A: I have to think about that…May 1, 1999. Wow.

Q: What is your favorite thing about working for S.U.?

A: Without question, the students. I love them. We have the best students in the whole universe as far as I am concerned.

Q: What does your job entail?

A: I work for the Dean of Arts and Sciences, Cal Allen. My primary job is to clear everyone for graduation. I do periodic checks to make sure all of the Arts and Sciences students are going in the right direction. I am also safety and building coordinator for this building (Gregory Hall).

Q: What do you do outside of work?

A: I teach Jazzercise four nights a week in Front Royal and Winchester. I have two grandchildren that I dearly love. My husband and I go antiquing on the weekends. We love flea markets!

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