Cecilia Leavitt, ‘Doah Staff Writer
March 18, 2015


Whether or not you have a day off, your mind is still focused on work or on a financial matter. Do not let it take over your whole day; set aside an hour or two to focus on it. You will feel much better in the long run, and your friends and significant other will greatly appreciate this.


Keep your eyes open; someone is going to come your way that will give you a new outlook on the days to come. This will bring a deeper comprehension, which is just the thing to put a little spontaneity in your plans.


You have so much going on right now; you are being very social and stretching yourself very thin. Relax for a bit and take some time for yourself. This will help you focus on conversations and make them more enlightening.


You will be showing a lot of improvement in an area in which you were recently struggling. Your awareness of this issue has helped you overcome the obstacle. Take your abilities and help someone else in need.


You are ready to go for what you want and are determined to do so. Your positive attitude will help others notice you and probably make you hard to forget. Extend a helping hand to a friend and be rewarded later on.


You are feeling rather social, so take full advantage and celebrate. Make plans to snuggle up with your honey; you should ride this wave while you can. If you are single, go out because you are ready for a connection.


You are probably feeling a bit nostalgic at the moment, but do not forget to look forward to the future. Get rid of all that clutter in your head but hold onto the lessons you have learned to keep you light-hearted.


You are feeling great, and the people around you can feel it too. You are ready to get to know people and try new things. Love is in the air; you may help someone find a match, or you may find one for yourself.


While others are big spenders, you have a different idea of how to have a good time. Art and music are most likely in the mix, bringing a new twist to the fun. Get people involved and make it a big thing. Party on!


You are ready to go party! People will be impressed with your energy and hard work. Your plans are about to come together spectacularly, and you are ready to take life by the reins.


It is time for you to be spontaneous. Cancel your plans and allow new things to take you. Bring others along; they will be happy you brought them out with you. Get dressed up and visit the ATM — you are ready for some fun times.


It is your time; be ready for the celebrity treatment. Don’t let it go to your head; pass on some of the glamour to make it fun for everyone, and it will make your experience that much better.

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