Horror series portrays the dark side of Netflix

Nicholas Melillo, ‘Doah Staff Writer
March 18, 2015

It’s time to take a look at a show a little more on the bizarre side of Netflix. “Hemlock Grove” is the series at hand, and this show was far off the normal spectrum. Since the show’s first season arrived on Netflix in early 2013, it has spiked both intrigue and distaste from viewer to viewer. The first season showed promise, while the second season fell just a little short of expectations.

“Hemlock Grove” starts off strong with an abundance of sex, blood and drug use, which is essentially the perfect viewer-grabbing cocktail in this age of television. The first season managed to be engaging for nearly every episode but tapered off from time to time with some filler scenes that didn’t necessarily contribute to the plot.

Speaking of the plot, this series has one that keeps the interest of some viewers, while potentially losing the interest of others. Generally speaking, going into the series with no expectations, there may be satisfaction with the product; this is especially true for viewers who are looking for a decent story with allusions to classic horror creatures.

Some of the creatures depicted in “Hemlock Grove” include vampires, werewolves and an aptly-named Frankenstein Monster: Shelley. Each creature has its mix of classic movie monster lore with a modern, unique twist, which many viewers seem to enjoy.

Roman Godfrey and Peter Rumancek are our main protagonists in “Hemlock Grove,” but viewers may be torn when deciding whether they like the characters or not. Both have their faults in the storyline but manage to give off a lovable, bad-boy vibe throughout the series.

Despite the show’s mixed reviews, “Hemlock Grove” has been renewed for a third season sometime in the not-so-distant future. Again, to some, this just means another season that won’t be watched; however, to the fans, this will be a final concluding chapter to an enjoyable series.

“Hemlock Grove” is definitely worth a watch, but everyone may not enjoy it. The show appeals heavily to horror lovers but doesn’t exactly have the most desirable story or plot progression.

In the end, “Hemlock Grove” is pretty much an odd science fiction title that may have a somewhat nonsensical plot; that being said, it will definitely appeal to fellow strange film and movie lovers.

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