Netflix’s ‘House of Cards’ third season released

Nicholas Melillo, ‘Doah Staff Writer
March 4, 2015

What’s to come next from the dramatic, scandalous series, “House of Cards?” All people with a Netflix subscription have probably delved into the popular show, and the unfortunate few that haven’t should probably start their journey soon.

“House of Cards” is based on a 1990 U.K. television series, which only aired four episodes, but left a strong enough impression to inspire a full-fledged series on Netflix. The show was first introduced on Netflix as an original in early 2013 but grew in popularity so quickly that fans were left begging for the next season. With the third season primed and ready to watch as I type, I’m afraid that I may be too distracted to type a coherent article; nevertheless, I must continue.

Frank Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey, is essentially the embodiment of manipulation and power in the world of the U.S. government. Claire Underwood, played by Robin Wright, whose role is equally as manipulative and power driven, accompanies Frank in his attempts to gain immense power in government.

Following a less-than-ideal election outcome, Frank and Claire do everything that may or may not dance with legality in order to push Frank Underwood to the top of the political rankings.

At first, I was hesitant to watch the series, for I don’t generally have a strong opinion towards politics, but political opinions aren’t necessary when watching this drama-fuelled, epic series. The acting is spot-on, the characters are memorable and the story is one that fans wish will never end.

That being said, with 13 episodes a season, we are left with a pretty clear indication of when the series will come to an end. As there are 13 cards to a suit, spades, clubs, diamonds and hearts, it is unfortunately obvious that “House of Cards” will be concluding during its fourth season. However, this will not stop fans from talking about the series for quite some time to come.

Such an iconic series feels as though it doesn’t warrant an end, but with a predictive four seasons total, I’m sure it will go out with a bang. It seems that so many series don’t come to an appropriate or timely end, but all fans, including myself, are hoping that “House of Cards” won’t follow suit with this trend.

Perhaps we will revisit “House of Cards” in the future. I hope that all readers will return to their Netflix-centered lives, as I am about to do the same. See you again next time, fellow Netflix addicts.

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