T. Swift releases new music video

Sarah Beck, ‘Doah Staff Writer
February 18, 2015

On the morning of Friday, Feb. 13, Taylor Swift released her new music video for “Style.”  It was even shown to the public a little bit before it was supposed to go on “Good Morning America.” This music video shows Swift’s constant artistic style and 80’s vibe that she has recently had in her career. “Style” was one of her more darker pieces along with “Blank Space” and “Trouble.”

The beginning of the music video resembles Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball” with the side profile of Swift’s face. Immediately, I thought it was going to be that Taylor Swift turned her beautiful song into a horrible nightmare with a music video, like Cyrus did with “Wrecking Ball.” But in a split second, it changes into an artistic morphed sunset with a tree background. It is appreciated that she used a lot of artistic qualities to her music video, although it looked rather trippy.

Later in the music video, there is a mirror sequence that is rather odd. The male playing this role looks like he has Taylor Swift’s lips because of this whole mirror effect making it a joke to this darker music video. It was humorous that he had her lips rather than his own. There were other effects such as silhouettes, flashbacks and a lot of dark lighting. It reminded me of her “Blank Space” video because of the content, but it was portrayed in some ways, differently than her other videos.

Taylor’s change in style is something that has been talked about in the media a lot and is a question to where her roots once were. She started as a country singer and now she is, by all means, an American pop-culture icon.  She has lost so many fans but then again has gained so many new fans with this new style that she has achieved. I wonder what Swift’s style will be down the line in the months and years to come.

Taylor’s music video reigned as another successful stunt to show how inventive she really is. She changed some things about the usual music videos, like the green-screen techniques but kept some recurring things in her other music videos like multiple flashbacks about this dreamy boy she fell in love with. Swift is constantly keeping up with being a pop icon but puts her own twist into it which is appreciated as an artist. But one question I have to ask, which boy is this music video about now?

What do you think?

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