Field Hockey starts at SU

By Rachel Levy

Field Hockey started off their season strong, coming out and winning their first game 3-0 at home against Washington and Jefferson.  This win gave them high hopes to for the season, but soon went on a four game losing streak in out of conference play.

It did not take the Hornets long before they bounced back and started dominating the Old Dominion Athletic Conference (ODAC) and out of conference teams.  Since their four losses to McDaniel, York, Dickinson, and Stevenson they have not lost another game.  They have an eight game winning streak right now with only three games left of their regular season and all three being conference games.

This eight game winning streak has helped put the Hornets in first place for the ODACs.  With their eighth win against Washington and Lee who they were previously tied for first in the ODACs, this puts them in first and gives the team a hosting spot for the ODAC tournament.  

The team is hoping to have a further run in ODACs than last year when they had a strong run to the semifinals.  This year they want to make it all the way to the finals and take home the championship.  With their most recent win against Washington and Lee, they will have home field advantage if they go to the championship.

Their success so far this season has been spread throughout the team.  With all 23 players taking the field at some point this season.  They also have the addition of seven freshmen with one being a redshirt from last year and one being a transfer.  Most of these freshmen have been big parts of the team.

Field Hockey is having a great start to their season and hope to finish their season just as strong.

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