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Time to Study! Awesome study tips for SU students

By Rachel Levy 


Photo by Harley Ryan

It has gotten to that time of year again, right after midterms and nearing towards the end of semester and ultimately finals.  From here on out, it is crunch time trying to raise those grades that were put off thinking there’s a lot of time left in the semester to make them up.  Well think again because the semester is half over and that grade is still a C.  Now’s the time to hit that big brick building you might not have stepped foot in yet this year.  No worries; it’s never too late to hit the library and pull a few all nighters to prepare for the few exams left before the final.  In case you forgot how to study since May, here’s a few helpful study tips to help you finish out the semester strong!

  • Take a break! Don’t sit staring blankly at your biology notes for 3 hours straight.  Study for an hour then take a ten to fifteen minute break to recharge your brain.
  • Make a list!  Before you start studying, make a list of everything you want to touch on and check them off as you go so you know you covered everything.
  • Eat! When you’re typing a paper let yourself snack every 250 words or every new paragraph.
  • IMG_0357

    Photo by Harley Ryan

    Listen to music! Listening to classical music or music without too many words can help you study.  Other music such as pop or rock or rap would be better for before studying to help get you focused similar to how you listen to music before playing sports to get pumped and focused.

  • Get comfy! Wearing a cute new dress might make you feel great but maybe is not the best for studying.  Wear some sweats so you can get comfortable in any position.  If you’re comfortable you’re more likely to keep studying instead of getting annoyed and getting up and leaving.
  • Get organized! It’s a lot easier to know what you have to study if you keep yourself organized and write down what you need.  Everyone has a MacBook on campus; add stickies to your home screen so once you open your computer you know what to study.

Only half a semester left until going home and having some nice home cooked meals again, pull yourself together and pull up your grades to show your parents when you get home.  Maybe an extra A will get you that new guitar or pair of shoes you asked for. Good luck the rest of the semester, make it your best one yet!

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