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Where You Can Use your Student ID for Discounts

By Tyler Ganis

Being a college student has many wonderful perks; a student discount is one of them.  Student discounts come in handy when searching for cheap food or entertainment. Here at Shenandoah we are able to use our student ID at many local restaurants and other businesses for these wonderful discounts.

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If you’re looking for a tasty treat near campus then Sweet Frog is the place to go. As a student there you can get a discount on your frozen yogurt. There are many places for a discount, but after asking students it appears that most student’s favorite place is Chic-fil-A. “I don’t really use my student ID for discounts but if I did I’d go to Chick-fil-A,” says Hannah Maconaghy, a sophomore. Another student, Libby Meenan, said, “Chic-fil-A is by far my favorite! They have the best deal; free milkshake with a meal!”

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Photo Courtesy of

Another great place to visit is The Alamo movie theatre.  It’s a short drive from campus, and as a student you are able to get a cheaper movie ticket for only $8.00. “For college students it’s a cheap place to see a movie. And I can get a cheap drink too!” says Emily Chandler, a freshman. Who obviously enjoys the refreshments as well as the price.

Keep in mind that a student discount and flex dollars are not the same. Flex dollars come with the 15 and 19 meal plans, and can be used at various locations such as Sheetz and Chipotle.  But student discounts are a just a reduction from the final price or an addition to the meal, like at Chic-fil-A. So the next time you’re off campus stop at one of the places and use your student discount. The best part is that you can you use it as many times as you’d like.

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