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Being Involved on Campus

By Tyler Ganis

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On campus there are so many great ways to get involved; clubs and campus events are the perfect way. Events on and off campus are a good means to dive into the Shenandoah University (SU) community. There are many clubs on campus and one that fits every person.  Malloy Veil, a freshman at SU, says that she “loved the club fair because it was great exposure to what I can join and be a part of on campus.” Currently the Outdoors club is working on the Outdoor Nation ON Campus Challenge, which is a competition between other universities on who can be the most outdoorsy. SO if you’ve seen hammocks hung outside, now you know why.

Not all clubs on campus are fun and full of adventure. There are many academic clubs and others that deal with topics such as mental health, cancer, race and also ones that do community service.  Alpha Lambda Delta (ALD) is a great example: “In ALD we do community service. I like it because it gives me the opportunity to help the community with students on campus who I never would have met outside of ALD,” says Olivia Hoogestraat a sophomore dance major.

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For many students, bingo is their favorite campus event. It happens every second Tuesday of the month, and is a great way to earn prizes and meet new people. You also might have a dance off!  Shenandoah offers great experiences and opportunities to get off campus and do fun activities for free, because as a college student, free is the best. So it is highly recommended going to these free events, you might even meet some new people or win some prizes.

The only downside of being involved on campus is trying to find the time. Between trying to balance work, classes, and staying healthy, college can be difficult — but being involved on campus is the best way to expose yourself to the resources and great people here at SU.

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