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Customin’ on a Budget

By Tessa Climer

We all know how important Halloween is to most college students (and let’s be real, it’s important to everyone) but we also have a budget to go by. This time last year, I was coming up with some ideas for costumes on a budget and I’ve come up with a few more that could be helpful this week!  

First off, put the cat ears down. If you must be a furry animal, try switching it up to a koala bear or monkey.  Grab some gray/brown ears from the store and go climb a tree or a cute human being. If you’d rather save the time and just wear something simple, Target has some really cute animal onesies that are around $20.

Now, Instagram is a huge part of any holiday because as young people, we can’t seem to get away from social media. So with that being said, you can always grab a piece of cardboard and make yourself an Instaframe! This is super easy and inexpensive because all you really need is yourself. Plus, talk about good self-promo, am I right?

Don’t forget that TV Shows are totally your best friend during Halloween season. We can range from American Horror Story: Hotel to Gossip Girl when it comes to options. Be Blair Waldorf and Serena Vander Woodsen for one day, believe me when I say it is so worth it. Dudes, if you don’t want to wear short skirts and pearls, Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World is a total ten on the costume scale.

The most important part of this holiday is to get out and have fun with your friends. Whether you are dressed as Luke Skywalker or one of those despicable minions, please be careful while you’re gallivanting the city and make sure not to be a Halloweenie. That means no drinking and driving for those who will be participating in that type of spook! Be safe and trick or treat.

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