Adele Is Back And Better Than Ever!

By Tyler Ganis 

Adele; we all know who she is and have heard at least one of her songs. It’s almost impossible not to. Her most popular song, “Rolling in the Deep,” took the world by storm when released late 2010, and her many others songs have done the same. Her albums have always been highly anticipated and successful. Her second studio album, “21,” released in early 2011 surpassed the success of her debut album, “21.” And her new album, “25,” is said to surpass “21.” When Adele releases a new album, she’s all people talk about in the music world.

After her album “25,” Adele had planned to quit music and leave on a positive note. But instead she decided to take a very long break and raise her son. During this she suffered from writer’s block, but eventually wrote “25” over the course of two years. This album has been worked on for so long and is most definitely well worth the wait.

With her new song, “Hello,” being released as the lead single to her new album “25” she is preparing people for her album’s release Nov. 20 of this year. Critics are calling “Hello” to be a “big and powerful ballad.” The Adele we all know and love is back with her fabulous sound.  This is her first release since “Skyfall” in 2012 for the James Bond movie. Conner Weaver a freshman, “really enjoys listening to the song. But it’s very sad so it’s hard to listen.” This seems to be the consensus about the song. Many people love it but it’s just so sad.

Adele is bound to do many great things with the upcoming album. So on Nov. 20 be prepared to go out and buy “25.” It’s going to be a great album with a huge fan base. Adele is getting back into music and that’s something the whole world should watch.

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