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Improving Sleep Habits

By Sarah Beck

With midterms done with already, many students are in some desperate need for some well deserved sleep. At the beginning of the year, students usually kept to a consistent sleep schedule, set alarms to wake them up and did things the night before so that they are able to wake up and get ready quickly and efficiently for classes in the early mornings. But now, most students forget to set their alarm and skip classes due to their exhaustion. So how can Shenandoah University students improve their sleeping habits from here till the end of the semester?

Photo by Harley Ryan

Picking out clothes the night before will definitely help you to catch a few more z’s. If you find yourself waking up in the morning and frantically look around your room for something to wear, then you might want to follow this tip. It will help you with your daily morning routine and you’ll determine that you’ll be wearing something clean or in some cases you didn’t have enough time in your week, your clothes might be dirty. But at least you would know the quality of your clothing. In fact, doing a lot of things the night before like packing your book bag, packing your lunch and showering will help in your daily morning routine. It’ll save you a lot more time so you can sleep in longer.

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Another idea you can try would be different breathing exercises. Try closing your eyes and breathe in and count to ten. The more you think about all the lists upon lists you have to do, all the ideas you have for future projects and all the situations that you have going on in your life the more alert you’ll be thus, making it harder for you to fall into a deep sleep. Clearing your mind can be one of the many ways you can have a restful sleep.

Alarm ClockFinally, setting a decent hour for you to get at least eight hours of sleep will be helpful to your health. If you set an alarm, place the alarm across the room so you are forced to get up and turn it off. Having active movement in the morning will get you to become more attentive and ready for the day. “Don’t stay up all hours in the night. You can end up oversleeping your classes. I stayed up till 3 A.M. one morning and missed my classes because I was so tired.” Junior, Haley Koeinger warned. It is important to get sleep but if you’re not going to bed when you need to be, then you’ll miss your classes and that will just result in poor grades and stress. And on top of that, with more stress, the more you’ll want to sleep.

If you see yourself with poor grades, then you should reflect on how much sleep you are getting throughout the week. Sleep is a very important aspect in young adult life and will definitely help with your studies. Plan out your daily morning routine the night before, try some breathing exercises and try using an effective alarm. And if none of these ideas work, try and rest up on the weekends when you don’t have any plans. It never hurt anyone to sleep in a little later than usual.

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