‘Meet the Staff’ with Clay Dubberly

By Nick Melillo

This week’s release, we will be looking at another ‘Doah staff member. Clay Dubberly is a sophomore piano performance major at Shenandoah University (SU), and he’s at the forefront of the entire newspaper team. As the Editor-in-Chief of The Doah, Clay manages who is responsible for each article and when the articles are released; however, Clay is not solely defined by his role as Editor in Chief.

           According to himself, Clay originally comes from Okinawa, Japan, but has moved around for a large portion of his life because of his family’s military background. From Japan to the United States, Clay said that his frequent moves left him without a solid hometown, but he intends to stay in Virginia for the long haul. That being said, Clay is currently enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, so moving around is still possible in his future.

           Clay stated that it was a bizarre experience to transition from life in the boot camp to college life. This may come as no surprise, but he considers college life more relaxing than bootcamp training, while still requiring a great deal of commitment; though in this case, the commitment may be a little less physical.

           When asked about his unique combination of interests he explained that people were incredulous to the fact that a Marine could also be a musician. Regardless of others’ speculation, the transition from “warrior to artist” is just second nature to Clay at this point. In a way, the connection between the two lifestyles makes perfect sense; both require commitment and determination, and Clay is obviously no stranger to these sentiments.

           Outside of his life as a Marine and his growing musical career, Clay is Undergraduate Justice for SU’s Student Government Association (SGA). Clay described his role as “keeping checks and balances on the president of SGA and making sure they don’t abuse their power.” Needless to say, Clay’s role in student government has given him excellent collaboration skills as well as great leadership potential.  

           To wrap things up it should be known that Clay is an easy-going guy, but he does have a couple of social faux pas that can easily get under his skin. As is the case with most people, Clay isn’t a fan of people that don’t say “thank you” after he’s held the door open for them. He even noted several instances of groups of people that simply took his kindness for granted to which he sarcastically replied, “You’re all welcome.” Secondarily, Clay is quick to dislike people that are caught lying; honesty is certainly the best policy in his opinion.

           Despite Clay’s rather large repertoire of responsibilities both on and off campus he manages to balance his duties while still having time to socialize with friends and be a genuinely polite and enjoyable person.

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