Football’s Losing Season Coming to an End

By Rachel Levy 

Football this season in conference has not been as successful as they had hoped.  The hornets in conference record is only 1-5 and their one in-conference win this season was against Catholic (34-17) who is in last place in the Old Dominion Athletic Conference (ODAC).  

The Hornets are currently in sixth place out of eight in the ODAC.  With one game left to play, they are unlikely to climb up the standings.  Their final game of the season is Saturday at 1 P.M. against the best, undefeated team in the ODAC, Washington and Lee.  Washington and Lee are 6-0 in the ODAC and 9-0 on their season.  An underdog story does not seem too likely here, but the boys can still try and it will still be worth going to the event.

Unfortunately, due to their losing record, the Hornets will not be continuing to play in the postseason.  Win or lose, this Saturday will be their last game of 2015;  and if they lose this game to end the season 4-6, the men will end the season with the same record as the previous two years.

Even though this season has not been the best for the Hornets, many students and other athletes still like to come out and enjoy the games.  Ann McCory, a sophomore that went to all their home games, talks about how they were optimistic for this year and how “they showed up to a lot of games, but got overrun by all the other teams in the ODAC.”  Their record shows this by winning all of their out of conference games and losing all but one in-conference game.

No matter the result, it’s always worth coming out to the stadium, tailgating and cheering for your team.  Even if the playing on the field has not been there this season, the student and family tailgates have been fun enough to overlook the fact that the Hornets lost.  Win or lose, the fans will still be there for our team.

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