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SU’s Unity Ball Brings Everyone Together

By Tyler Ganis 

If you were in the Health and Life Sciences building Dec. 5 from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. and heard music or saw people in formal attire walking around campus, fear not: it was the Unity Ball hosted by the Black Student Union. The Unity Ball took place in the rotunda in Health Life Sciences; it was filled with a diverse group of students with all different backgrounds and ages. The ball was for everyone.

The ball was created to raise awareness about the equality of all. The Black Student Union had spent months planning and creating the ball. They had been selling tickets the week prior in the student center.

It was encouraged that attending students dressed formally or in attire that is representing of their heritage or culture! At the ball they served hor d’oeuvres and offered alcoholic drinks for those of age, making it more ball like and enhancing the formality. There was a large cake in celebration of equality and the unity ball.

Mallory Veil, a freshman majoring in costume design, said the ball was a “great way to create an open and accepting environment for all to join.” Another student, Heather Knapp, a freshman English major says she is “upset not to attend, because she heard it was a great experience.”

The ball was a great success and enjoyed by many students; those who went, and even those who didn’t.

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