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Shenandoah Conservatory Makes List of Top Ten Liberal Arts Colleges in U.S.

Michelle Adams, Staff Writer

Shenandoah University’s Conservatory has been named the seventh best liberal arts college for music in the United States by Music School Central.

Bill Zuckerman, the article’s author, said of the music program at the Conservatory, “The facilities and resources…are excellent,” and, “academically competitive.” He notes our elite All-Steinway School status, our American Icons program, and our impressive faculty, naming Chair of the Keyboard Division and Piano Professor John O’Conor, a distinguished faculty member since 2010.

Zuckerman defines a liberal arts college as one with, “1,500 to 3,000 total students,” though he allowed our Conservatory on the list because of its prestige. Shenandoah Conservatory makes this list alongside other esteemed schools like Ithaca College School of Music, Baldwin Wallace Conservatory of Music, and Oberlin College-Conservatory of Music.

You can check out the full list here.

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