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SU 2k15 At A Glance

Tessa Climer

2015 has been a great year for Shenandoah University, from our sports teams to our Conservatory; we have had some amazing performances. At the end of each year, it’s always good to take a look back on all of the accomplishments. The amount of talent that is on the SU campus is unbelievable and often times overlooked.       

Photo by Ghadah Alotaibi

The Conservatory has had multiple musicals, plays, and concerts going on during each semester. One from 2015 would be the incredible performance of “The Trojan Women,” which was done this past fall. The students who were a part of this performance took you into modern day Syria and shed some light on important current events. To name a few others… “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas,” “Romeo & Juliet,” and also we can’t forget about the amazing concerts done in Armstrong Hall as well.

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of

Sports are a huge part of every college year and our athletic department came out with a new website in 2015. A website might not seem like such a big event, but the amount of work and effort put into the new logo and revamp of the site deserves a high five. Plus, it looks awesome.  Baseball, field hockey, cross- country and volleyball are just a few sports that had great 2015 seasons!      

Photo by Ghadah Alotaibi

Photo by Ghadah Alotaibi

As for student life, a huge announcement for new housing was made! The Village will be a beautiful apartment complex, which is very exciting and a great addition to our campus. Each year, GCP sends groups of students to different parts of the world to have an experience of a lifetime. I was actually chosen to go to Cambodia and think all participants can agree it was definitely the highlight of our year at SU.

2015 was filled with wins/loses, music and celebrations of new apartment buildings. To say we are eager to see what the New Year brings is an understatement! What were your favorite memories of 2015? Tweet us @thedoahSU with the hashtag #SU2k15!

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