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The Cafe Redesigned Over Winter Break: New Tables, Chairs and Booths

20160116_141440 (1)

Clay Dubberly, Editor-In-Chief

The Allen Dining Hall, commonly known as the Cafe, underwent renovations during winter break which has brought brand new chairs, tables and booths. Peter Labrecque, General Manager of Sodexo, deliberated the plans before break began and implemented them before most students have returned, with the vision in mind to “refresh the dining room” for Shenandoah University’s students.

“Shenandoah University and Sodexo have worked closely to keep looking at what we can do to improve Allen Dining,” Labrecque said.

The flooring in the main dining area was replaced with a tile floor, and new table tops and chairs were added. Booths were also added to the outer walls of the dining room.

20160116_141349 The new designs notably seat the same amount of students as before, but more walking space is available near the center of the dining hall, making the Cafe feel more spacious.

Maddie Albornoz, a sophomore healthcare management major, said that she thinks the new renovations “allow for more opportunities to interact with people that you don’t interact with often.”

“I think it looks a lot cleaner and refreshing,” Kelly Scott, a graduate student studying pharmacy said, adding that she thinks the Cafe “needs more seating and could utilize some of the space they have to accommodate more students.”

The new designs bring a breath of fresh air to the Dining Hall, with a more urban, contemporary theme with ebony-colored chairs bordering modernistic tables and booths.

Overall, students are generally pleased with the outcome of the renovations and can look forward to the future of the Dining Hall as campus-cuisine leadership continues stepping in the right direction.


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