“The Walking Dead” returns to AMC

Tyler Ganis, Staff Writer

One of television’s biggest shows, “The Walking Dead,” returned last Valentine’s Day, continuing its sixth season with an hour of nonstop action.  The first half of the season left viewers speechless and on the edge of their seats, concerned for the safety of the beloved characters: no one is safe.

Spoiler alert:

Since the beginning of this season, our beloved characters have been dispersed and on their own. Surprisingly, now everyone is back together – but that may not last long.

Sadly, a few characters died during the premier episode. In an insane scene, three people – an entire family – were killed in the matter of one minute. We then  saw Rick go back into, “crazy town” when Jessie was bitten. Those who have read the comics know that Carl loses his eye from The Wolves, but in the show his eye gets shot, a very unexpected twist.

The remainder of the second half of the season is expected to be bigger and better than ever. Fans are excited but extremely nervous for what is to come. There are some major enemies out there, and from the looks of it, anything could happen.

Tune in Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC to watch “The Walking Dead” in its sixth season, or catch up on Netflix.

Fight the dead, fear the living.


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