Deadpool Breaks Movie Release Records

Tessa Climer, Social Media Manager

Superhero movies come in all shapes and sizes, whether it is X-Men, The Avengers, or that one really awful version of Green Lantern. Ryan Reynolds, who’s probably still being haunted by his role in Green Lantern, decided to take a whack at playing the world’s most entertaining superhero: Deadpool. What separates Deadpool from other superheroes is the fact that he wants to entertain you more than save you, which made for a very hilarious cinematic experience.

Before the movie was even released last weekend on Feb. 12, Rotten Tomatoes had given this movie a solid 84 percent. This in itself is an accomplishment, but it only gets better as the movie makes its debut. “Deadpool” broke the opening weekend record for an R rated movie bringing in $132.7 million, according to Forbes.

Ryan Reynolds is a talented man, but with the lack of a good Marvel movie behind him, Green Lantern was a flop. “Deadpool” was his chance to let his own personality shine through a character, and it worked. He plays the role with such charisma, letting sarcasm and crude humor take the lead. The character has always been one known for endless jokes and quick comebacks, but seeing it come to life was beyond expectations. It takes a certain actor to be able to capture the essence of a fictional superhero, especially if you’re unable to show facial expressions due to your awesome suit. Despite the character’s sailor mouth and borderline offensive comments, he has a childlike vibe to him, which takes the hilarity to another level.

The supporting cast had a lot to do with how well the movie played out as well, Deadpool’s leading lady, Vanessa (Morena Baccarin), matched his crazy just right, giving the audience a love story to follow. TJ Miller, who plays Deadpool’s friend, Weasel, added the common man’s thoughts as well as some quirk to the situation. Despite everything going on, he kept the scheme of things grounded. Last, but not least, we can’t forget Dopinder who plays a big role in a little way. All he does is drive a taxi, but he brings out a good side to Deadpool that can be hard to see otherwise. The casting director chose the perfect people to fill each role.

Leah Harrell, a junior at Shenandoah University, gave this movie a 10/10. “I loved that they eliminated the fourth wall and acknowledged that this is a movie. From the opening credits to Deadpool talking to the audience, you feel like you’re included in the action and it’s a wonderful way to tell a story.” She also mentions how she didn’t know much about the comic book characters at all, but the movie was made in a way you can still enjoy it regardless of your prior knowledge.

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(Image courtesy of Fox Movies)

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