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UPDATE: “Justice For D’Londre” movement uses social media to reach out to community

Michelle Adams, Executive Editor
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Following the debated suicide of area man D’Londre Minifield last Sunday, a Facebook page entitled Justice For D’Londre organized several demonstrations, two for the following Monday, Feb. 29, and one for Tuesday, March 1.

News of the protests was spread widely via this Facebook page, where several Winchester residents posted videos, photographs, and comments documenting the demonstrations. They are also accepting donations to Minifield’s mother.

The videos that have surfaced show protesters chanting, “Justice for Dre,” and “F**k the police.” Some demonstrators shouted threats at Winchester police officers.

Additionally, photographs posted on the page from the protests depict signage reading, “Black Lives Matter,” “We can’t be black without a target on our back,” and “Stop killing us.”


Comments and posts to the page have featured heated arguments between those who believe that Minifield was murdered, and those who believe the Winchester Police Department’s story that he shot himself. These claims are currently under investigation by the Virginia State Police Department.

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On Tuesday morning, the Justice For D’Londre page began to delete comments and posts from those who disputed their belief that Minifield was shot by police.

An additional protest is planned for tonight. After some confusion, the page stated that the official demonstration will take place downtown, at the same location as Monday, at 4:30 p.m.

In anticipation of this, the City of Winchester announced road closures on Kent Street and near the George Washington and Court Square parking garages downtown. Additionally, WinTran service will end early on Tuesday, and Rouss City Hall will close at 3:30 p.m.


Editor’s note: This is a developing story.  Article may be revised as updates surface. News of the Tuesday protest will be posted on The Doah as it becomes available.

All images, screenshots, and videos courtesy of Justice for D’Londre Facebook page. Feature photo courtesy of Coy Ferrell

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