OP-ED: Wanna hook up?

Leon Thompson, Contributing Writer

It’s just another Friday night on campus. The phone glows in the dark as you text that smoking hot guy or girl on Kik. Your roommate left town for the weekend, so you have the whole dorm to yourself. Y’all have been texting for a while now (approximately 2 hours to be exact) and you decide to ask the age-old question: “Netflix and chill?”

All across the country, on college campuses in particular, young adults engage in sexual activities. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, seeing how once kids go away to college it opens a door to a world of new experiences. Mix that in with the influence of party culture, alcohol, and/or recreational drugs, and it’s a perfect cocktail for sex. Of course, this topic isn’t limited to just college campuses.

Hookup culture is on a huge rise. It has never been easier to search for sex when you want it. Most people can just look online and set up a “date” if they really want to. Even the whole topic of sex has been desensitized enough that it’s a commonality to sleep around with people and not even know their name. The question is: why is hooking up so popular right now?

A strong reason could be the addiction our generation has to technology. Due to our constant attachments to our phones and laptops, we have lost significant social skills. We are so used to texting, snapchatting, or tweeting, that once we go out to venues, we aren’t sure what to do anymore except stare at each other. Then, once we finally scramble up some words of exchange, it’s straight to the deed – because what else is there to talk about?

Widespread sex in television and movies may also play a role. With flicks like “Fifty Shades of Gray” and “Trainwreck,” sex is glamorized as a whole. Everyone sees beautiful people who are idols having sex on TV, so why shouldn’t they? In a world where reality TV stars drop nudes every month or celebrities “leak” sex tapes, doesn’t it seem like fun to indulge in an innocent hook up? They say everybody is having sex – and for the most part they are.

Hooking up is a fun experience. You get a quick confidence boost, and who doesn’t like to get some? We are only young once and I’m a strong advocate for living young, free, and reckless. But one day, we will have to grow up and move past all this casual fun. Whether you like to be in a relationship, or like to sex it up, it’s totally cool.  I just fear that some of us aren’t sure how to function healthy, committed relationships with intimacy anymore. When all is said and done, and hook ups are scarce, will we be able to settle down?

This article is published as part of a column series called “Horny Hornets.”


  • Well written. Sadly true most parts! Hooking up and casual sex is totally over rated. Our mobiles and destroying real social connections. I agree with the starring in public, people cant talk anymore! Its time we put down the bloody phones! Thanks for your perspective. Have fun but be safe!


  • Concerned Nurse

    It is sad that the youth of today view and have sexual encounters like it is no big deal. While you explored one aspect of hook ups, you forgot a very important detail or risks of sexually transmitted diseases that can occur. If you contract AIDS, HIV, gonorrhea and syphilis, how will you inform and make aware past sexual encounters when you don’t get a name! It becomes a health risk and legal matter at the same time. Why not emphasize safe sex since you mentioned sex among the youth has risen or abstinence. Preserve these moments and your body for someone that truly matters!


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