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Just BeYOUtiful at Shenandoah

Nichole Davila-Sanchez, Staff Writer

On April 6, Shenandoah University’s BeYOUtiful Campaign held a workshop to discuss the ideals of beauty in our society, how it affects us, and how to nurture self-love. They hosted former fashion Emily Dean as a guest speaker at the workshop. Dean is currently the founder and owner of the website “Verity Vareé” that photographs women with and without makeup, in hopes to inspire them to see the beauty of their exterior and interior. They interview their participants to further embolden them through sharing experiences that create and generate strength through connection. The first fifty people to sign up for the workshop received a free t-shirt.

In addition to this, the campaign spent the first week of April in Brandt Student Center, posting positive notes around the lobby, talking to students and playing peppy music to help spread positivity and strength across campus.

“The BeYOUtiful Campaign provides such an important outlet for students at SU because of the issues that campaign addresses that, I think, are vitally important. Many college students are dealing with low self-esteem and are very harsh on themselves – myself included,” says senior Renee Sogueco. “The campaign encourages people to be kind to themselves and to love themselves.”

The nationwide BeYOUtiful campaign holds month and day camps and hosts multiple volunteer events every year. They seek to encourage its participants to be confident in who they are and to be accepting of others despite differences. The theme of love, kindness and peace is one of the main messages that is projected though this movement.

The program began in Ontario, when two local women began a campaign to empower young people to embrace their inner beauty. It is available to local schools and organizations, with volunteers always welcome.


Photos by Ghadah Alotaibi

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