YouTube introduces Red service

Tyler Ganis, Staff Writer

Have you ever been on YouTube watching some videos and you keep getting interrupted with ads, during and before videos?

These advertisements are how YouTube is able to be free to us all. But with a new feature, called YouTube Red, you are able to enjoy an enhanced, uninterrupted YouTube experience, for a small fee of 10 dollars per month.

In addition to the removal of ads, Red users are able to save videos to watch later while offline, which can be beneficial for road trips or long flights.

YouTube Red also comes with a subscription to YouTube msuc, which just allows users to listen to music while in other applications, and to listen without having to watch the video with the track.

Another prominent feature is YouTube Gaming. Many popular YouTubers today make gaming videos where you can watch them play games. YouTube Gaming allows users to watch virtually anyone play any game, recorded and even live.

In my opinion, If YouTube Red were more exclusive, then I would consider a purchase. For a YouTube fanatic, this would be a great purchase to enhance their YouTube experience, but for me, I’m very happy watching YouTube the free way. So for now, I think I’ll stick with and happily watch the advertisements.


Feature photo courtesy of YouTube Red

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