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The Final Countdown: How to Stay Motivated through the End of Spring Semester

By Rachel Ungerleider

It all hits us. We make it through the first 7 months of the school year, and then we reach the inevitable slump. With only 26 days until summer vacation and constantly beautiful weather outside, no longer do we have the motivation to complete our homework, study for exams, or write multiple papers all at once. Students reported that their levels of concentration and motivation that we all once had at the beginning of the year has dropped dramatically since the start of spring.

“The weather is super nice out and I put in so much effort in the beginning of the year that I have none left at this point,” said freshman Biology and Pre-Pharmacy major, Ashley Myers.

So how do we try and make it through these next four weeks without losing the momentum to complete our work and pass our finals? Here are some helpful tips in order to try and successful complete the school year:

First, set little goals each day. Big projects are intimidating, but smaller goals are easier to tackle. Try dividing up assignments over the course of several days, and attack it from multiple sides to get a final product.

Second, it’s okay to take breaks. Consistently sitting for long periods of time doing schoolwork or studying is not a good idea. Taking breaks, whether it be going on a hike, hanging out with friends, or going to watch a game, gives you a mental break from the stress and work that school provides, and you will come back to your work refreshed and ready for the task ahead.

Third, study for shorter periods of time. Studying for long periods at a time doesn’t allow the mind to absorb all the information. Again, break up the studying into several days so you don’t lose momentum.

Finally, stay positive. It might seem scary that the end of the semester is almost here, but no need to worry! Keeping a positive outlook will allow you to stay focused, and spend less time worrying about all the things going on in your life.

As the school year comes to a close, more and more work piles on. In order to be able to make it through and finish strong, we need to study smart and keep up the motivation. Only then will we survive these final days here at Shenandoah this year.

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