Humans of SU: Danny Halpren

By Sarah Beck, Entertainment Editor

Humans of SU is an ongoing collection of stories from students, faculty, and staff that show what it’s like to be part of the Shenandoah community.
Andrew Goldstein, Danny Halpren | Photo by Sarah Beck

Danny Halpren (right) and fellow student Andrew Goldstein hang out downstairs in Ruebush Hall

“Even though I’m not technically an MPRT [Music Production & Recording Technology] student anymore, because I’m doing interdisciplinary [studies], sometimes I come back to the Conservatory buildings just to sit and do work or hang out, because of the environment that is fostered here.

Everybody is so passionate about what they do even if it’s completely different things. You can hold a conversation with somebody just strictly over the passion you both have over your crafts. I mean, I know nothing about scenic design, but I can absolutely understand why somebody would love what they do so much because I know I love what I do.”

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