From The Editor: We made some big changes!

By Michelle Adams, Editor In Chief

Dear Hornet community:

In its short existence, the student newspaper here at Shenandoah University has made quite a splash on campus. We’ve been there through it all, from four-foot snowstorms to Halloween costume contests, and that will continue for years to come. That said, we feel that the time has come to make a few changes to how our student paper operates, and we jumped in with both feet this semester to implement all of these immediately, so that we could start fresh for our official launch.

Our first and most immediately visible change is our name. While The ‘Doah was an important part of campus for several years, we wanted to start fresh, and give the paper a name with meaning not only to current students, but also to faculty, alumni, and our families. We want to be a larger, more prominent part of the Hornet community, and our new name is the first step in doing that.

Alongside this, our growth as a presence at Shenandoah means that we need to be more efficient and accessible. We want everyone involved in the University, whether they are on campus or off, to know what the buzz is at SU – so we’ve opted to become a fully online news source. Gone are the days when you needed to be in Winchester to pick up a copy of yesterday’s news in the student paper. With our new and improved site, we are able publish the most up-to-date action as it is happening, to share with Hornets all over the world – whether they are in bed in the University Inn or halfway around the world on a trip for GCP. We are no longer limited to hundreds of lines of black text in columns with a single photo; online, we can utilize dozens of forms of multimedia to share what’s important efficiently and effectively. From now on, no matter where life takes you, you can always know what’s going on at Shenandoah, and you can easily share it with your family and friends across the country and around the world.

The primary goal of this student paper has always been to share quality, relevant news with the campus community, and that will never change – but we, now as The Buzz, will continue to adapt and grow as needed, and we hope to have the full support of the Shenandoah University family through this transition, and the many that may arise in years to come.

On behalf of The Buzz staff,

Michelle Adams
Editor in Chief

If these new changes excite you, and you want to be a part of The Buzz this semester, click here for more information. We accept new staff members on a rolling basis, and we’d love to have you!


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    • Hi Gerry,

      On the right side of the page (on desktop) or at the bottom of the page (on tablet/phone), there is an email sign-up form to receive a notification each time we publish a new post!

      Hope this helps!

      Michelle Adams
      Editor in Chief, The Buzz


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