Horoscopes: Week of Sept. 12

By Cecilia Leavitt, Reporter

Horoscopes | The Buzz

Aries: Let’s cut to the chase: your ambition is your greatest strength, so use it.  Don’t be so arrogant, or all of your hard work will fall through. Your selflessness will impress those in charge and lead to bigger success.

Taurus: Whoa! Slow it down big time. If you take your time and think things through, your plans will succeed. Those close to you are ready and willing to help, but not if you rush things.

Gemini: It’s your time to shine! Your mind is exploding with creativity and people want to see you in action, so speak up and take the reins.

Cancer: Tsk tsk — you are being selfish. You need to savor the things you already have and be grateful before you focus on the things you want. Half the time, you’ll forget about those wants anyway, so relax and embrace the now.

Leo: If you’re not careful, all that stress will give you dark circles under your eyes.  Surround yourself with down-to-earth individuals; they’ll help you mellow out and reconnect with the fun in your life.

Virgo: Gosh today is not your day to be a people person. Your patience is running thin and large groups will just make you angry. Try some solo projects this week and take some time to yourself — you’ll be a lot less frustrated and you will accomplish more.

Libra: Look at you, you problem solver. You are everyone’s hero this week, and my will you be busy. Your ability to find new approaches to problems will really set you apart and make a lot of annoyed people very happy.

Scorpio: Someone’s feeling like giving this week. You really want to help someone out this week, and there are a lot of people who could use your help — so roll up your sleeves and be a positive force!

Sagittarius: The secret is out and everyone wants the juicy details. Your little romance is under a lot of scrutiny. The questions will be flying off the wall about what’s next and where you see this thing going, but don’t be afraid to hold on to your privacy. People will understand if you’re not ready to talk.

Capricorn: Someone needs a spa day. Your workload has been crushing you and it’s time for some long overdue down time. Sit back, relax, and maybe crack open a good book.

Aquarius: You really want to be the social butterfly, and who wouldn’t with the possibility of a love connection? But be wary, it’s not what you think. A night-in may be a better course of action and yield more results.

Pisces: Someone’s fishing for compliments (see what I did there). Try not to count on others so much this week. You’re busy, and though a compliment or helping hand won’t be impossible to find, try to reach your goals on your own. You’ll thank yourself later.

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