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New app simplifies life for SU students

By Clay Dubberly, Reporter

My SU App | The Buzz

The app’s interactive main page.

A brand-new, innovative app designed for Shenandoah University promises to simplify student life by granting easy access to information such as your personalized schedule, dining hall hours, and emergency phone numbers.

My SU App | The BuzzThe app, “My SU,” aired on Aug. 1, and already has over 50 percent adoption on campus, meaning that at least half of SU students have downloaded it.

“Everything from looking up the map if you need to find a building, if you need to find your schedule. It’s things that help you get what you need to get through everyday here,” Kevin Grant, system administrator of the app, says.

On the home screen, there are colorful links to the athletics page, canvas, campus events, financial aid, student class schedules and more.

My SU, which Grant hopes to get to 100 percent adoption by the end of the year, is designed by Kryptos Technologies, a third-party vendor which designs apps for other colleges as well.

My SU App | The Buzz

Campus maps are interactive, with information about each location available by “tapping” on it.

One of the projects Grant is working on is a feature that tracks the SU shuttle in real-time via GPS, since shuttles check in at each stop.

Why should you download My SU? “It’s an invaluable tool,” Grant says. “I’ve got a daughter who is a freshman here, and before she came her first day I made her download it. After the first day, she told me she had been using the app all day.”

My SU is available on all smartphones for free.

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