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Comedian fails to impress small Winchester crowd

By Sarah Beck, Entertainment Editor


Photo courtesy of Krish Mohan official site.

Comedian Krish Mohan failed to entertain a small audience at the Alamo Drafthouse in Winchester, Va.

Mohan’s standup could not compare to the comedy styles of a pot-loving alcohol enthusiast Ben Daniels and the lively and spazzy Garrett Barnes. Daniels and Barnes aggressively engaged the audience, while Mohan couldn’t elicit the same enthusiasm. A guest even mentioned that he thought Mohan’s bit on that August evening was “boring.”

Mohan was born in India but most of his childhood was spent  in the United States.

“What was really big when I was kid was celebrity impressions. If you could impersonate a famous celebrity or a movie star, people loved it,” Mohan said.

He started working on stand up when he was in high school and has been performing ever since. He has a podcast called “Taboo Table Talk” in which he discusses racial, social, and political issues. He does this tastefully and successfully as a comedic artist, he claims.

What makes Mohan diverse is his knowledge about comedy from his own culture. He explained in an interview a little bit about what is happening in India.

“What’s happening now that’s very interesting to watch is the standup in India is catching up a little bit. A lot of what I hear is this explosion of standup where it’s only a handful of guys doing it,” he said.

America’s sense of comedy has impacted Southeast Asia, which is seeking to emulate U.S. styles. “It’s no longer what was popular in the West 30 years ago but it’s stuff that’s the popular in the West five years ago,” Mohan said.

It was clear that Daniels and Barnes were suited for headlining over Mohan. Perhaps Mohan needed a bigger crowd for a successful performance. A confidence boost such as that one would definitely have served him well.

Check out Mohan’s website to learn more about his stand up or see when his next show will be:

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